Two years ago, I have started to study the blockchain technology, and i want to believe that its decentralized and trustless parts would have been of a certain interest to Einstein ;-).

Today, i am happy to offer a NFT (Non Fongible Token) minted on the Polygon Mainet  blockchain (10$ sell price) for whoever subscribes to a yearly plan to einsteinrelativelyeasy.

If you are not familiar with the blockchain and NFTs, here is a very short article which explains how to set up everything (5mn max) to be ready to receive your Einstein NFT.

You can have a preview of the 2 unique NFTs present in the collection on the well known OpenSea NFT marketplace via this link:

To summarize, if you want to receive one of those NFTs:

  • register to a yearly plan
  • setup the Metamask wallet and the Polygon Mainet network as explained in the above article
  • send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your public polygon wallet address and i will send you the NFT directly to your wallet. ;-)